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Cook: 30

The Recipe Book that will turn every meal into a Gourmet Spread (in no time)!

With a background in the health food industry, Jeremy Dixon opened the doors of his first successful Revive Café in Auckland, New Zealand, with one aim: to help people enjoy tasty, nutritious food.

Now, Jeremy takes his passion for sharing healthy living a step further:

Cook: 30 has been specifically designed to show you how you, too, can create delectable plant-based, whole foods meals in just 30 minutes.

With 10 years of experience in meeting the demands of out-the-door lunchtime queues at his cafes, Jeremy has packed Cook: 30 with a chef’s secrets to quick and easy meal prep.

Cook:30 has a unique recipe layout:

Cookbooks traditionally group similar dishes like soups, salads and sweets together.

Not this one:

Because the book is based on a TV series, you will find here 26 “Episodes”, each of which is a meal, complete with mains, sides, salads, desserts and drinks.

Jeremy shares how you can make all the traditional faves like pizza, shepherd’s pie and ice-cream- with healthy ingredients. There are plenty of exotic menus to choose from too: from meals built around a Thai curry or satay, to Indian dahls and wraps, to Turkish falafels with tahini dressing. There are even great breakfast ideas based around scrambled tofu (that really tastes like egg!); or muesli, French toast and potatoes. You won’t be able to resist inviting friends over for a delicious Sunday brunch!

The unique “Episode” layout of the book is complemented by another winning feature:

Each meal has a 1-page cooking plan of
1. Things to “get ready before you start”; and
2. An outline (complete with timing) of how you can multi- task the recipes to create 4 or 5 gourmet dishes in 30 literal minutes.

Having said that, once you have the recipes in each episode down pat (or even before!), there’s no reason why you can’t chop and change recipes from various plans.

These great features are further enhanced by sections on cooking:
• preparation,
• ingredients,
• terms; and
• tools.

There is also a handy 10-step checklist that can be folded out from the back cover to ensure that you are cook-ready from the start of every recipe.

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Besides these obvious features, there are also some hidden tips that will save you time and $$$:

Like cooking with readily available ingredients, and repackaging the same ingredient in a variety of dishes so you don’t have to spend lots of time shopping or throw out those unused leftovers.

With it’s practical layout and time- and money- saving features (both obvious and hidden), Cook: 30 is a must for every person who really wants to cook fresh, fabulous food fast to feed a famished family. And for every Dad out there who struggles to know what to do when their other half is away or sick – no more grey hairs! This book is the ultimate guide to quick and easy home cooking success!

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