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A Taste of Food as Medicine

Make better food and lifestyle choices with A Taste of Food as Medicine, your introduction to cooking food as medicine in your kitchen.


A Taste of Food as Medicine - book cover.


  • Try 12 delicious, plant-based recipes for the best health of you, your family and those you cook for, addressing the nutritional causes of our most common chronic diseases.
  • Learn health information that explains the scientific research and health significance of these recipes, equipping you to make better food and lifestyle choices.
  • Written by Australian nutritionist & dietitian, Dr Sue Radd.
  • Includes excerpts from the "Best in the World" award-winning cookbook, Food as Medicine.

 "Food as Medicine is very easy to read, full of great ideas for the palate and for health, and I recommend it." - Professor David Jenkins, Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Toronto, Canada ("Father" of the Glycaemic Index)


"Sue Radd is an authority on how to eat to live and this book, beautifully presented with stellar content, will make you hungry for health." - Dr Darren Morton, author, Live More Happy


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