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Following Jesus: Disciple-Making and Movement-Building
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Just Believe
Click below to listen to an audiobook sample.   Talitha has been sick for a long time. She hears about the miracles...
God? Really?
Click below to listen to an audiobook sample. Addressing challenging questions about the character of God. Defending God against the objections of...
Do Justice
Twenty-nine chapters from Adventist leaders, activists, academics and writers explore and apply the Bible’s call to “do justice,” particularly in...
For the One
In July 2010, a small group of Seventh-day Adventist pastors and chaplains met in a hotel room in Denver, Colorado,...
See Beyond
A different look at the world we live in and humanity's search for hope and meaning, beyond what we see...
Shadow Men
The clock is counting down until Jason is due to die. On death row, the minutes are filled with waiting...
I Hope
Faith – Life – Church – World A collection of editorials, essays and stories to encourage your faith, challenge your...
Hearing the Way
What the First Christians Heard in the Story of Jesus The Exodus was a dominant and defining story in the...
"Take me to the San"
Even before its completion and official opening in January, 1903, the Sydney Sanitarium had admitted and treated its first patient....
Of Falafels and Following Jesus
If you have travelled to the Holy Land, this is your invitation to share again in the journey. If travelling...
David's Triumph
“David plunged downward, unable to process the whirling blur of rock and sky. He came to a juddering halt, wedged...