Author: Sue Radd

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Learn to make better food and lifestyle choices. 

Food as Medicine is packed with easy plant based recipes that will help you have a better quantity and quality of life by eating real, tasty foods that attack the silent, deadly disease processes driven by poor diet.

  • Discover why every meal matters and how your food choices control the expression of your genes, which is important if you have a family history of disease.
  • Learn how healthy diets can deliver a list of positive effects like those of medications.
  • See why your wellbeing is affected when you eat and why mindless eating is dangerous.

This book teaches you how to enjoy the foods you should eat, and understanding what they can do for you can make all the difference.

150 Award-Winning Recipes

Winner of the 2016 Australian Gourmand World Cookbook Award for 'Best Health and Nutrition Cookbook', Food as Medicine provides you with 150 delicious whole food plant based recipes that address the nutritional causes of our most common chronic diseases and the amazing health benefits of food as a form of medicine.


Improve your lifestyle with practical tips on how to makeover your kitchen, pantry, fridge and freezer so it's easier to meal plan, cook and live well. The meal ideas and seasonal menu plans will help you easily put these plant based food recipes into practice.


Applying the findings from the latest nutrition science can vastly reduce the needs for drugs and surgery, and help prevent or even reverse the chronic diseases that kill too many of us. This plant based cookbook also contains health information to help you understand the scientific research and health significance of plant based recipes, equipping you to make smarter choices for your best health.

“Sue Radd has put together an excellent guide to health, for both human health and increasingly importantly for the environment, with the focus on plant-based diets as recommended by many national and international agencies. This book is very easy to read, full of great ideas for the palate and for health, and I recommend it. Keep it close to your kitchen — and take and use it frequently.”

Professor David Jenkins, Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Toronto; Director, Risk Factor Modification Centre, St Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, Canada (“Father” of the Glycaemic Index)