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"Take me to the San"
Even before its completion and official opening in January, 1903, the Sydney Sanitarium had admitted and treated its first patient....
Something happened that was so significant that every year we pause and sing songs about it, share gifts with each...
Advent for Kids
Discover why Jesus’ birth is the best news ever! With questions to reflect on and suggestions for activities to do...
Ancient Words Present Hope
What the Old Testament teaches us about Revelation When John the Revelator studied the scriptures to learn about Jesus and...
As Bright as the Stars
Stories of the Reformation tend to focus on individuals—rarely do we look at the connections between these individuals. But the...
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Calvary to Pentecost
The weekends that changed the world 50 devotionals to inspire you in your relationship with God and empower you in...
Canoes, Crocodiles and Christ
8 reviews
Click below to listen to an audiobook sample. “Hariva!” she screamed. There was a loud splash, then silence..." That was the last...
Captain Jack Radley and the Heyday of the Fleet
The story of Adventist mission boats in the south seas Since the earliest days of Adventist mission, reaching the people...
Cooling Down Stress
Click below to listen to an audiobook sample.  Learn how to minimize stress in your life with Cooling Down Stress. This book on...
Cooling Down Teen Stress (3rd Ed)
Click below to listen to an audiobook sample. An exciting teen story, by a teen for teens, that relates to the most stressful...
Cultivating Movements: Conversation Guide 3
BULK DISCOUNT OFFER  Buy 10 for $7.16 each and save 10% Buy 20 for $6.36 each and save 20% Automatically applied at checkout Movement-building processes for...
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David's Revenge
“David found himself crashing into Lee a second time. The weight of the backpack unbalanced him. He staggered forward and...